// A Special Moment//

So, while we were in Singapore, this happened:

For those of you who can’t hear…

The Southern Boobook: Will you marry me?
A Becky Lee: It’s upside down.
The Southern Boobook: Oh, whoops.

A Becky Lee: Of course I’ll marry you.
The Peanut Gallery: Yay!
The Peanut Gallery: C’mon, you’re supposed to put it on for her!
A Becky Lee:I’m holding…

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// Controlling the Vertical and Horizontal//

If you’re wondering where Debs has been this past week, she’s been indisposed.  Apparently, Little E brought home one of those kindergarten flus and now everyone in the G household is down for the count, Debs particularly badly.

Thankfully, I, A Becky Lee, have been spared from this plague by sheer virtue of being the only person in the family sensible enough to have returned to Australia before…

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// Scientifically Awesome Nails//

In my most recent expedition to Singapore, I discovered the joy of manicures.  I don’t usually like manicures, but the Aged M took me to Simply Nails in Holland V

Since then, I’ve been trawling Sydney for another manicurist capable of giving me pretty

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// The High Tea Society: Episode 1 - Mad Hatter at the Westin//

The High Tea Society: Episode 1 – Mad Hatter at the Westin

It was with great pleasure that I convened the first meeting of the High Tea society at The Bar in the Westin Sydney.  In attendance were a number of fine young women, myself and the Southern Boobook.  Being that one of our party went by the name of Lacey[1], we decided that it was suitable to order the Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea, a whimsical Alice in Wonderland themed high tea – cakes shaped like…

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// Dying of Depression//

The following post has been placed behind a cut because of its frank discussion of depression and suicide, which may upset some readers.  Owls Well Blogs urges its readers to seek help if they are suffering or know someone who is suffering from depression.  Beyond Blue and the Black Dog Institutehave very useful online resources to help with dealing with depression, whether you’re suffering from…

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// Okay, So That Happened//

Okay, So That Happened


I’m very happy.

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// Two Weekend Itineraries!//


It’s the end of the September school holidays and if you are running out of ideas as to what you can do with the family this weekend, here are two itineraries for you!

ITINERARY #1: Fire and rescue!

1. Start out the day with a trip to your local fire station! Every single Fire Station in Singapore has an Open House from 9-11am on Saturdays, and tours usually start at 9:30am. You get a chance to…

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// How We Got Here//

How we got here


Okay, our relationship didn’t take place over the course of a single day, but this is pretty close to how things unfolded.

Fine, fine, I see your disbelieving look.  It isn’t quite like that.

For one thing, Droo, my sweet Southern Boobook, isn’t an evil eleventh-born prince bent on seducing innocent ol’ me, then murdering my queenly older sister and taking over our kingdom – he’s…

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// Chronicle (2012): Thoughts from the Couch (Potato)//

Chronicle (2012): Thoughts from the Couch (Potato) #moviereview #couchpotato


Chronicle-2012-Movie-PosterThis is a found footage superhero film so of course EVERYTHING IN IT MUST TRUE, RIGHT?

A trio high school boys (one of whom has an obsession with videorecording everything he does) find a weird glowing thing in the ground, and BAM! They get awesome telekinetic powers!

And what do they do with their new found powers?

They do not use their powers for good, but for AWESOME!

Movie starts out a…

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// Deep conversations with a 6 year old boy (or, J discovers toilet humour)//


Conversation 1: A new version of ‘Think Fast’.

J: Mummy, I have thought of a new game.

Debs: Ok, tell me about it.

J: First, I throw a crumpled up ball of paper in the air and say ‘Catch the poo!’. Then, when my friend catches the paper ball, he will open it up and it will say ‘This is a poo’ on it. Then I will say, ‘You caught the poo! Haha!’

Converstaion 2: A new version of a ‘Dear John letter’

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Debs and Becky are sisters who live vastly different lives, but remain close together even though they’re miles apart. After all, owls well that ends well.