// Pure and simple - Four Cow Farm skincare (a review and giveaway)//

Pure and simple – Four Cow Farm skincare (a review and giveaway)


Eczema and sensitive skin runs in this Owl family – A Becky Lee suffering from it to a greater degree than I ever did. This is why it came as no surprise to me that both Little E and J suffer from a mild form of eczema and I am always on the lookout for new products that are gentle and kind to their skin.

This is why when the kind folk behind the handcrafted skincare range, Four Cow Farm, offered…

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// Controlled Crying: An Australian Play//

Controlled Crying: An Australian Play


If you’re in Sydney in November (or if you live in Sydney) and are looking to experience Australia’s rich theatrical culture, you might want to check out Controlled Crying at the Beecroft Community Centre from the 7th to the 9th of November.

107180_Flyer_CompressControlled Cryingis the product of Australian playwright, Ron Elisha, and tells the story of Libby and Oscar as they spend 27 years raising their daughter…

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// Bad Moon Rising//

So, for one hour only on the 8th of September, the earth came between the sun and the moon, blocking out most of the light from the sun, so that the only light reflected by the moon was red.  So, for that one hour, the moon was a beautiful blood orange colour…

The moon.  Red circle denotes last known position.

The moon. Red circle denotes last known position.

Or it would have been,…

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// Spring Planting: How to Transplant a seedling//

Spring Planting

Red Bravo strawberries after 10 days of planting

Red Bravo strawberries after 10 days of planting from seedling


Which means that…


The dirt in the vermicomposter has been noshed on all Winter and is now heavy with nutrients and little red wigglers.  The local supermarkets are starting to sell plants by the dozen.

This year, I’m planting some strawberries and pumpkins, the…

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// To the People who Stole my Phone//

To the People who Stole my Phone

Over the long weekend, my phone was stolen from me by some unscrupulous other people who should really be ashamed of themselvesThis letter is for them.

Dear People who Stole my iPhone,

Yesterday, when I called you and you hung up on me, I thought that perhaps we got off on the wrong foot.  I did not expect that you would be smart enough to then turn off the iPhone so that the Find My iPhone app

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// The True Story Behind the Owls//

The True Story Behind the Owls

photo(1)The Owls Well blog is now officially 1 year and a month old!  Thanks to all our readers for their gracious support!

Since the start of the blog, we here at Owls Well have been asked, “Why the owls?  Is there a reason behind your owl motif?  Or is it just an owl obsession?”  Well, today, we intend to answer that question.

The story of the owls starts with the Aged Ps.  They have, over time,…

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// Hanna (2011): Thoughts from the Couch (Potato)//

hanna movie poster

hanna movie posterIn one corner we have, Hanna, a 16 year old assassin, hidden away and trained by The Incredible Hulk in the frozen Finnish wilderness! She is erudite! She is dangerous! She is blonde and her eyes are very blue! She fits into very small spaces!

AAAAAAAAnd…in the other corner we have, ruthless CIA operative Marissa Wiegler! She has a gun and a whole army of goons in flak jackets as well as a…

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// Mr Fluffy will Kill You: Mesothelioma Awareness Day//

Mr Fluffy will Kill You: Mesothelioma Awareness Day

Screenshot 2014-09-25 22.29.00

Today is Mesothelioma Awareness Day.  What is Mesothelioma, you ask?  Well…

Up until the early 1990s, asbestos saw good use as an insulating material in Australian homes.  Back then, the deadly characteristics of asbestos were not well known and the material was considered useful because of its flexibility, tensile strength, chemical inertness and, of course, its low price.  The stuff was…

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// Rock down to electric avenue (with Bodytec Singapore - and an awesome giveaway!)//

All wired up

So it’s been several months since I started exercising with Bodytec Singapore (you can read about my experience here), and I figured that it was time for an update!

All wired up

All wired up

I am pleased to let you know that after several sessions with Bodytec Singapore, I have noticed the following changes:

  1. I feel generally much more energetic, and less sluggish during my week.
  2. My posture has improved and I…

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Big announcement at Owls Well today!

Owls Well Blogs is pleased to announce the engagement of A Becky Lee to The Southern Boobook!

Big announcement at Owls Well today!

Owls Well Blogs is pleased to announce the engagement of A Becky Lee to The Southern Boobook!

Debs and Becky are sisters who live vastly different lives, but remain close together even though they’re miles apart. After all, owls well that ends well.